No: 250, 9 July 2021, Press Release Regarding the Extension of the UN Cross-Border Humanitarian Mechanism on Northwest Syria

Republic Of Türkiye Ministry Of Foreign Affairs 09.07.2021

The UN Security Council extended for a period of 12 months the authorization of Hatay-Cilvegözü (Bab al-Hawa) border crossing for UN cross-border humanitarian assistance into northwest Syria . The first 6-month period will be followed by an additional 6-month extension on the basis of the report of the UN Secretary-General.

The UN humanitarian aid delivered through this border crossing is essential for the continuation of the effective response to the humanitarian crisis in Syria as well as for regional stability and security.

In this context, we welcome the renewal of the UN cross-border mechanism that operates through Turkey in order to address the needs of Syrian people. We expect from the UN Security Council and the leading international actors to display the same constructive and reconciliatory approach in the international efforts towards a lasting solution to the Syrian crisis, in particular the political process.

Turkey will continue its strong support to address the humanitarian crisis in Syria as well as its active contributions to the preservation of the ceasefire and the advancement of the political process.


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